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Newborn - Baby - Toddler

Hi I'm Renae, photographer and owner of Levana Photography.

I believe myself so lucky that Levana has enabled me to bring my passion for photography and love for new life to build a career in a world of constant change. Whether the experience of parenthood is new to you, or whether you have extended your family, you will soon realise how quickly time flies!

In today's busy, work-driven society it is increasingly difficult to spend the preferred amount of time with your newborn. I cherish assisting my clients to be able to preserve this amazingly special time which is so very priceless - so that you can look back in a week, a month, or in the years to come and relive those early moments that brought you such immense joy, as well as having the opportunity to share these moments with family and friends.

I understand the value of time given to parents in those precious new moments with your newborn, and as you watch your little one grow into a bouncing toddler that will bring a smile to your face every day.

From their first smile, to their first birthday, I would be honoured to share and reflect these moments for you, immortalising the purity and innocence of your child, in a moment captured in time.


Levana: ("lifter", from Latin levare "to lift") The goddess of newborn babies She protects and guards against harm to the new little souls.

Her name comes from the practise of the father lifting the child off the ground where it was placed by the child's mother to show that he officially accepts the child as his own.